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Board of Management

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Hazel_FarquharThe Committee of Management is constituted by and is responsible for ensuring that the Association carries out its affairs in accordance with its Rules, the provisions of current relevant legislation and regulatory guidance and standards.

The Aims and Objectives of the Association will continue to be set by the Committee of Management as will the strategy developed to achieve these aims and objectives.

Aims, Objectives and Strategy will be reviewed annually by updating the Internal Management Plan. This Document will also specifically determine the priority areas of work to be addressed by each of the Sub Committees.

The Committee of Management of the Association will meet a minimum 6 times a year and at the Committee of Management Meeting before each Annual General Meeting, the full Committee of Management will agree a timetable of its Meetings and Sub Committee Meetings for the following Committee year.

The principal areas of responsibility of the full Committee of Management are detailed in Appendix 1 of the Terms or Reference and Standing Orders and reflect all areas of the regulatory standards including the requirement that the Association must have due regard to:

The Finance and Audit and Service Delivery meet quarterly. The Association also has an Emergency Sub Committee which holds meetings as and when required.

The members of the Management Committee for Angus Housing Association are :

For further information about our members, including their professional biographies, please click on their name above.

Shareholding Membership

If you want to have more say in the running of your Association why not become a Shareholding Member.   This entitles you to be invited to the Association’s Annual General Meetings where you would be able to vote on important issues. A  Shareholding Membership costs an initial £1 and there are no annual charges.   If you want to find out more or wish an Application Form to become a member please contact our Office/HR Administrator or our Customer Services Advisors at any of our offices.

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