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Management Fee

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You will be charged either a fixed management fee or an admin fee as set out in your Statement of Factoring Services.

This is designed to cover Angus Housing Association’s cost of providing the services and is not intended to make a profit. The Fee is reviewed annually.

Services included in the Management Fee are:-

  • Provide Information to owners
  • Carry out regular maintenance inspections of Estates
  • Keep lists of approved contractors and ensure all works are carried out at competitive rates, safely, competently and timeously
  • Arrange any maintenance of, or repairs to, the common parts and if necessary any renewal or replacement of the common parts
  • Arrange maintenance and co-ordinate the provision of communal landscaping
  • Arrange owners meetings or communication with owners, staff attendance at Public meetings and home visits to owners where required
  • Tender and appoint contractors
  • Supervise contractors and monitor contractors’ and consultants’ performance
  • Pay contractors and suppliers
  • Issue bills to owners
  • Maintain owners’ accounts, including debt recovery procedures
  • Deal with owners’ queries and correspondence
  • Liaise with owners’ solicitors for change of ownership
  • Deal with complaints from owners of anti-social behaviour among the Associations tenants
  • Dealing with permissions for owners

The Management Fee for 2021/22 is currently £200

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