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Welcome to our annual performance report for 2020-21.

2020/21 was not the year that anyone expected. The COVID pandemic turned the world upside down and it has taken much longer to find some level of normality than we had expected. For the time this report covers, we were impacted by constantly changing restrictions that affected our ability to provide our normal services. Our staff have been working at home, and staff and contractors were not able to complete home visits. This has affected performance indicators such as allocations, voids, and repairs.

One area we expected to see becoming more problematic was our arrears, as many of our tenants went on furlough, had changes in their jobs or unfortunately lost their jobs. We saw a surge in applications for Universal Credit and we know that some tenants struggled financially. To the credit of our tenants and with the continual work of our Financial Inclusion Team and the Housing Management staff, we have kept the arrears under control.Hazel-Quote1

Our allocations were hugely affected by the lockdown. People were forced to stay put and when this restriction was lifted, we had hygiene requirements for empty properties that led to homes being empty for longer than we would like. As a result, our void loss figures are much higher than most years and we have been exceptionally busy now that moves can take place.

We have caught up on the repairs we weren’t able to do during lockdown but some of the improvements we had planned are a little behind schedule and we are working on completing these. The satisfaction ratings you will see in the report are based on the large-scale survey we did in 2020, however we ran a smaller survey during lockdown to see how our tenants were feeling about our services. Overall, this was positive, but some tenants did note frustrations which we took on board.

Despite the difficult year, the Association has performed well but there is always room for improvement.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to promote our Tenant Portal. We will be using this to keep tenants updated on important issues and updates along with giving you access to your rent account, household information and repairs reporting. If you would like to register you can access the portal clicking here

Kind Regards
Hazel Farquhar

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