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Angus Housing Tenant Participation

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“Angus Housing Association aims to contribute to providing high quality, affordable housing for all those individuals, families and communities in Angus and Dundee who are in need of the fundamental human right of a decent, secure home to call their own.”

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 gave tenants the rights to be informed and consulted on various housing issues such as Rent Rise proposals, Repairs and Maintenance Services, Housing Management Services, Anti Social Behaviour and other issues that are important to both Angus Housing Association and yourself.

This is called Tenant Participation and we, as a Housing Association, are legally obliged to consult with you the tenants.

Many tenants may be satisfied with the quality of services provided by Angus Housing Association, however we know we can always do better, therefore we are committed to continually improve our performance and service, but, we cannot do this without our tenants actually getting involved.

If you are interested in what happens to your house, your tenancy or your community or you would you like the chance to influence Angus Housing Association when it comes to making major decisions that might affect your house or community?  The why not consider becoming involved, you can do this in a number of different ways including :

  • Joining local Tenants Group.
  • Joining the Tenants Forum.
  • Or simply by just giving us your views on issues which are effecting you.

Although we have a statutory duty to consult with you we really do value your thoughts and therefore, we would encourage you to get involved.

For more information contact any of our Offices.

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