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Looking After Your Local Environment

You can help to maintain a good environment for you and you neighbours to enjoy.

This is an important part of your Tenancy Agreement.  By following a few simple rules, you can make your area cleaner, greener and safer for you and everyone else to enjoy.

You can do this by making sure that:

  • You dispose of your household refuse in a proper manner.  You must put all your household rubbish in the bin store or other proper place allocated for it. You should make sure that your rubbish is bagged or placed in the appropriate rubbish container.  If your refuse is uplifted from the street, you should make sure that it is not put out any earlier than the evening before collection.  You must, however, make sure that it is put out on time on the appropriate day.  Once your refuse has been collected, you must make sure that your bins are returned to the bin store or normal storage place as soon as possible after they have been emptied.
  • Kerbside Recycling (Angus Only) - Do your bit for the Environment.  You can recycle cans, glass, paper, plastic bottles in your green box, which gets collected every week.  By recycling as much as you can will not only be kind to the environment but you will also gain space in your grey bin which is now collected fortnightly.  If you do not have a green box, contact Angus Council Access Line on 08452 777 778.
  • If you have larger items of rubbish to be collected you must make arrangements for the disposal of these.  The Environmental and Consumer Protection department of your local Council will uplift items for a small charge.  You should not dump items in common areas or bin stores.
  • You must obtain permission from the Association to keep any pet.  The Association has guidelines for dog owners that must be followed.  If they are not followed, the Association can revoke permission to keep a dog.  You will not be granted permission for more that one dog or cat.  Permission will not be granted to keep reptiles, mice, rats or insects.
  • You should take your turn in cleaning common areas and maintaining shared areas of garden ground.
  • You should show consideration for your neighbours when parking vehicles.  Where parking spaces are provided, unless you have a space specifically allocated to you, parking is on a first come first served basis.  The Association does not have the power to remove vehicles.  However, vehicles parked on Association property must be roadworthy with a valid tax disc displayed.  You must not park caravans, boats, trailers or commercial vehicles on Association property.


  • You should show consideration to your neighbours by making fair use of facilities such as communal drying areas, bin stores etc.
  • Keeping your local environment neat, clean and tidy makes the area you live in much more attractive for everyone.
Environmental and Consumer Protection Department Contact Numbers:
  • Angus Council Access Line 08452 777 778
  • Dundee Council 01382 436288

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