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Making Your Voice Heard

Tenants have statutory rights laid down in the Housing (Scotland) Act of 2001 to be consulted and informed about changes to the Association’s Housing Management and Repairs and Maintenance policies and also any proposed rent rise.   There are a variety of ways in which the Association can consult with tenants.

Currently, the Association has a Tenant Forum which meets monthly to discuss issues and give an opinion on any proposals being put forward by the Association, we are fortunate to have a number of on our Tenant Forum


We will continue to consult with tenants on any major issues to ensure we get tenant’s perspective, before decisions are taken.

We would like to increase the numbers involved with these forums, so if you think that you would like to make a contribution through being part of a forum contact our Housing Manager.   Our aim is that no tenant should be excluded from participating in our consultation process through forums.   Therefore, where possible, we will arrange transport to and from the meeting and child care if necessary.

Our Tenant Participation Strategy 2012 to 2014 is a document that lays out how we will consult and inform tenants.   This strategy and what is contained in it, has been approved by the Tenant’s Forum.  A copy of the strategy can be obtained from our Housing Manager or via our website on the Tenant Participation page and scroll down and click on “Download a copy of the Strategy.


Communication with tenants is vital to effective tenant participation.   The Association is committed to devising along with tenants, suitable ways in which we can inform and involve tenants in issues that are of concern to them about their homes and areas they live in.   Our quarterly newsletter ‘Straight Talking’ is one of our main means of communication with our tenants, as is this web site.  We strive to ensure that the newsletter contains a balance of advice, information and interesting articles about staff, committee and tenants.   We would also like to make it more interactive, so that our tenants feel that they are making a contribution to their own.   While we have encouraged this in the past, we have not had a great deal of response from tenants.   However, we would still encourage anyone that feels they have a contribution to make to the newsletter to please get in touch.

We will also make sure that any printed information will be written in easy to read and easy to understand “plain English” and a translation service will be provided free of charge to tenants whose first language is not English.

The ways in which we will communicate with our tenants will be:

  • A quarterly newsletter
  • A tenants Handbook (in calendar form)
  • An annual tenants conference/open day
  • Tenants Forums (meeting monthly)
  • The Association’s Website
  • Information leaflets
  • Annual Reports

We support local Registered Tenant Organisations.   An R.T.O. is a group of at least 3 people who want to start up a voluntary organisation, which has to be constituted and have a bank account with at least two signatories.   To qualify for our support, they must represent and consult with our tenants who live in their area.   We have drawn up criteria which any organisation would have to satisfy and an application form.   These can be obtained from our Housing Manager or viewed on our website


If you want to have more say in the running of your Association why not become a shareholding member.   This entitles you to be invited to the Association’s Annual General Meetings where you would be able to vote on important issues.   Shareholding membership costs an initial 1.00 and there are no annual charges.   If you want to find out more or wish an application form to become a member please contact our Housing Manager or reception at any of our offices.

Please ask any member of staff for help to find out more about:

  • Tenant Participation Strategy
  • Tenant Forums
  • Consultation Registers
  • Becoming a Shareholding Member
  • Being a Committee Member


Files Available for Download

Download Angus HA Tenant Participation Strategy Angus HA - Tenant Participation Strategy 2012 - 2014.


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