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Repairing, Improving or Altering Your Home

Prior to carrying our any major repairs or improvements programmes in your home, we are committed to fully consulting with you before any work starts.

You will be told IN ADVANCE in writing about when the contractor is likely to start work, how long the work is likely to take and what we will do if your enjoyment of your home is disrupted or if your decoration is likely to be damaged.


In your new Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement, the repairs you are responsible for are fully detailed.  You should note, in particular, that you are responsible for replacing batteries and bulbs for equipment which is exclusive to your home, e.g. smoke detectors and back door security lights.

You are NOT responsible for replacing bulbs for any common areas e.g. tenement closes or stairs or security lights in common back garden areas.  These are our responsibility.

Tenants are, however, responsible for replacing washing line ropes and ropes for rotary driers.


Prior to carrying out any alterations or improvements of your own, you must obtain our WRITTEN permission BEFORE you do anything. This includes:

  • Installing a shower, fitting a new kitchen or bathroom
  • Any gas appliance such as a cooker or feature fire but not any form of bottled gas appliances which are not permitted under any circumstances
  • Removing or replacing doors or other fixtures
  • Laminated flooring or any form of fixed flooring such as ceramic tiles
  • Installing additional lighting or changing light pendant positions
  • Putting up garden sheds, greenhouses, garages or new fencing
  • Putting up satellite dishes, TV aerials, CB aerials or signs
  • Satellite dishes will only be allowed on the rear of our property where permission has been granted.

To make things easier for you, we have an Application Form for requesting permission.  Just ask for one by phoning us.

We will not withhold permission for your proposals unreasonably.  A response to your Application will be processed within 20 working days and any conditions attached to our permission will be put in writing.


Contained within your Tenancy Agreement are references to your Right to Repair and Compensation for Improvements.  If you have any queries about these please contact your Maintenance Officer for more information.


  • We will tell you in writing before we do any major work to your home.
  • Before you alter or improve your home yourself, you need our written permission in advance.

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