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Protecting Your Home from the Cold

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Your home has to be protected.  Unfortunately, things like burst pipes can happen to any of us and dealing with the consequences can be very distressing and costly.

Prevention is better than cure and you can take some simple measures to ensure that the risk of damage to your property is minimised.  Any damage to your house, tenement close or garden must be reported to us without delay.


You can prevent frost damage and burst pipes by:

  • Setting the thermostat on your heating to at least 10 degrees centigrade
  • Leaving internal doors open to allow air to circulate.
  • Contacting us if you are going away for a long time and intend to leave the house unheated.

If you do have burst or frozen pipes:

  • Turn off the water at the stopcock.
  • Switch off the electricity at the mains (in case water comes into contact with electrical fittings or wiring)
  • Switch off the water heater
  • Turn on all the taps and (make sure plugholes are not blocked)
  • Let us know by contacting the office or the out of hours emergency number
  • Let your neighbours who may be affected know

Condensation is a common problem and usually appears on cold, outside walls and in areas where air does not circulate well.  You can help to reduce condensation by:

  • Using your heating system efficiently
  • Opening wall and window vents
  • Using extractor fans if fitted
  • Making sure that cupboards, or wardrobes are not overfilled to allow air to circulate
  • Drying clothes out of doors whenever possible
  • Making sure your tumble dryer is connected to an outside vent or has a condenser
  • Keeping kitchen and bathroom doors closed to prevent steam from spreading through the house

If condensation is a problem, please do not hesitate to contact your Maintenance Officer who will be able to give advice.


It is a condition of your Tenancy Agreement that you are responsible for insuring your personal belongings, including decoration and floor coverings.  Details of a Home Contents Policy specially designed for Housing Association tenants is available from any of our offices.  This is cheap, can be paid in instalments and prevent a lot of expense and heartache.


  • Protect your home from the cold and damp
  • Prevent condensation by following the guidance above
  • Let us know if you are leaving your house for a long time
  • Do not hesitate to seek advice from our staff


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