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Respecting Each Other

Respect should be mutual.  If we are to all live and work together, we need to be reasonable, tolerant and most importantly, show mutual respect for each other.

As our tenant, we expect you to show respect to your neighbours.  Equally, you are entitled to be shown respect and be given help and support to live peacefully in your home.  As your Landlord, we will always try to treat you fairly and will never act in a discriminatory way towards you.

If you think we fail to meet these standards, we would actively encourage you to notify us in order that we can act to put this right.


The majority of people who live close to one another realise that an acceptable level of mutual respect is needed to live in close proximity to one another.

Most become “good neighbours” and some even develop close friendships.

A minority, however, fail to reach the minimum standard of behaviour expected by their neighbours.  These are the situations where we, as the Landlord, have to get involved.

Should you have a problem with a neighbour which you do not think can be resolved by speaking directly to them, you can report it to us. You may have tried speaking to your neighbour but the situation has not improved.

In such cases, you should initially report your problem to your Housing Officer.  Complaints of a serious nature should also be reported to Tayside Police.

You should not be afraid to come forward.  Your complaint will be dealt with confidentially.  You will be told whether or not we can do anything about it.

If the complaint is of a serious nature, we may ask you to put it in writing or sign a statement.

Complaints are categorised according to how serious they are.

  • Category 1 complaints will be responded to within 1 day.
  • Category 2 complaints will be acknowledged within 1 day and responded to within 3 working days.
  • Category 3 complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days and responded to within 10 calendar days.

There are various ways we can address neighbour problems and disputes.  These include Mediation, Legal Action, Anti Social Behaviour Agreements and Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.  We will pursue all necessary avenues to ensure all our tenants can enjoy living in their home.


At all times, you should be treated with proper respect by the Staff of Angus Housing Association.  Equally, we would ask you to remember that Staff are trying to do a job of work and they deserve to be treated with respect by you.

It is also a condition of the appointment of all our Repairs and Improvement Contractors that they show due respect to all our tenants and their homes.  Equally, their employees are entitled to be treated respectfully when they come to work in your home.


  • Mutual Respect goes a long way to preventing disputes
  • The house you rent from us is your home and we will respect this at all times
  • If you have problems with neighbours, don’t be afraid to come forward – All complaints are dealt with discreetly and in a confidential manner

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