26 March 2024

Damp & Mould Guide

Preventing Condensation and Mould in your Home

Angus Housing Association is committed in ensuring the health and safety of our tenants by aiming to prevent, where possible the occurrence of damp and mould in our properties.

If you are experiencing mould, dampness and condensation in your home we encourage you to get in touch on : 0345 177 2244, or email admin@aha.org.uk. This will allow the Maintenance Team to identify and tackle the route cause of the damp and mould in your home.

Please click on the following link to access our Damp & Mould Guide which offers top tips for preventing mould in your home:

The intention of this guide is to complement the advice given by the Maintenance Team, we urge you to still to get in touch if you are experiencing dampness, mould and condensation in your

We aim to ensure that all our tenants are able to live comfortably and fully enjoy their homes, and where possible will help in supporting the prevention of dampness, mould and condensation