Mutual Exchange

We are now working in partnership with House Exchange. House Exchange is a service providing mutual exchanges for social housing tenants. 

If you would like to move within your area, outside your area or even to another social landlord you can register your details on the House Exchange website and they will search for matches for you and let you know when they’ve found them.  Once you’ve found a suitable match you will have to let us know so we can then start the process of getting you into your new home.  The people you are swapping homes with will also need to notify their landlord.  

We want to make it easy for you to move home but it is important you are aware that there are certain factors which could lead us to not granting permission for a swap, for example if you have rent arrears. 

How Can I Register? 

Information about how you can find another tenant who would like a mutual exchange and to see how House Exchange works and register, please visit their website. 

If you need more advice about the mutual exchange process in general please contact us at our offices. Contact details and opening times are on our homepage.