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Angus Housing Association aims to contribute to providing high quality, affordable housing for all those individuals, families and communities
in Angus and Dundee who are in need of the fundamental human right of a decent, secure home to call their own ... find out more > >

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CIH - Make a Stand - Talking Domestic Abuse
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Performance Report - 2019/2020

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We have no room for domestic abuse

Contacting Angus HA

Welcome to our latest landlord report. We report annually on our performance against the outcomes of the Scottish Housing Charter

2 x Ground Floor & 1 x First Floor, One Bedroom Flats available in Leonard Street, Arbroath - Please Note for Over 50’S Only

If you're experiencing domestic abuse, it's really important to talk to someone about it.  We’re here to help you.

The Association operates from two offices, in Arbroath and Dundee. or if you want to Make a Complaint

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New report on new Director Gail Robertson

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Angus Housing Association Limited
Registration Nos: FSA 1665R(S)    Communities Scotland HAL 65    Scottish Charity SC020981    Property Factor ID PF000129

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