Tenant Engagement Team

What is Tenant Engagement?

Working together to help shape the work that we do at Angus Housing Association. There are a range of ways that you can get involved and have a voice in what we do.

You could participate in a survey, attend a forum or take part in a one-off focus group. Whether you have a quick 10 minutes or a couple of hours, prefer to join in on-line or want to attend in person, its your choice.

There are many benefits to getting involved such as:

· Meeting new people

· Having your say in how services are delivered.

· Gaining new skills

· Building your confidence

· Understanding how AHA works

· Finding out what is happening in your community.

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If you have any questions and/or wish to get involved, please feel free to contact the Tenant Participation Team, either by email :tp@aha.org.uk

or phone : 03451 772244

New Tenant Participation Assistants

In October 2023 we welcomed two new Tenant Participation Assistants into the team. This will allow us to provide more resources into engagement with our tenants, as the Association recognises that tenant involvement can lead to real, positive outcomes for tenants and the wider communities.

The 2 new team members will allow us to create further opportunities that improve the life’s of tenants, focusing on the key areas below :

  • Encouraging two-way communication between Angus Housing Association and our tenants, ensuring they have voice in decision making processes
  • Creating opportunities for tenants –  to develop new skills,  gain experience and meet with other people
  • Enhancing communities – helping to foster vibrant and inclusive communities, making them positive places to live.

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Jacqui Flemming

Tenant Participation Assistant

Diana Finnie

Tenant Participation Assistant

Lydia Banks

Tenant Engagement Officer