Report A Repair

You can report a repair by phone Tel: 03451 772244 between 9am and 5pm

In person at our office’s, by emailing

By calling our “Out of Hours” emergency number Tel: 01382 434343 between 5pm and 9am

Online – Please complete form below

When you contact us, our Customer Service Team will:-

Ask your name, Address and telephone number,  help you to fully describe the repair.

Tell you if we are responsible for the repair, or if you may be recharged for the cost of the repair.

Advise you of the timescales for when the work will be inspected or carried out.

Agree a convenient time to carry out the repair.

Repair Timescales

Emergency Repairs within 3 hours

Urgent repairs within 24 hours

Essential Repairs within 3 working days

Routine repairs within 20 working days