Getting Ready for your new home

Whilst you are applying for housing, take some time to think about preparing for your new home and be ready for when the time comes.

An offer of accommodation may come out of the blue and you may have to decide whether you wish to accept the offer at very short notice. If the property you have been offered is ready for letting, the Association is likely to ask you to sign for the tenancy straight away.

The earlier you start to prepare for your move, the easier and less stressful it may be – especially on your pocket!

Here are some useful tips we have put together to help you to plan

Furnishing your new home

All Angus Housing Association properties are let unfurnished. On very rare occasions we may be able to leave carpets/floorcoverings from the previous tenant. Start preparing now – think about what items you will need to move in with especially if this will be your first home. Make a list of what you will need. How much will they cost? How are you going to pay for them?

Scottish Welfare Fund/Community Care Grants

You might be eligible for help from the local council for the essential things you need to move in with such as white goods, carpets, beds or furniture but there are very strict rules about who can qualify for a grant. Grants are not awarded simply because you are moving home. Find out about the rules at:- fund/howtoapplytothe scottishwelfarefund ( check link)

Removal Costs

If you already have a home, think about how you will move your furniture and belongings to your new home. You may need to pay for a removal van.

Decorating your new home

Angus Housing Association does not decorate properties for new tenants. We may award you a decorating voucher to help with the cost of purchasing paint, wallpaper and materials but this may not cover the full cost of how much you want to spend.

Your first home? – start collecting now!

Setting up home for the first time and starting from scratch can be expensive. Make a list of everything you are going to need to move in with. Ask around family and friends to see if they have items they don’t need and can give to you. Will they store large items in a spare room or garage for you until you get your new home?

Spread the cost – don’t wait until you get an offer. Buy something small each week/fortnight that you can pack away in a box – towels, mugs, tumblers, kitchen utensils, cutlery, can opener, tea towels, bedding, pillowcases, pots and pans. Look out for sale/reduced items in local shops and supermarkets to pick up a bargain. Spending a couple of pounds a week/fortnight now will be a big help when the time comes.

Telephone/TV Packages

You may have to pay connection charges to set up landlines and/or TV packages

Start saving now!

Think about starting to put money aside into a ‘new home fund’. Keep these savings separate to your everyday spending money to avoid the temptation of dipping into them. Work out how much you might need to find to pay for your new home and make that your savings goal. You will be surprised how saving small amounts can soon build up. Your local credit union is a good place to save.

Birthday/Christmas presents

Ask family/friends to buy you a gift card for a local shop/supermarket. When the time comes, you can use them to buy things like a kettle, a toaster or an iron for example.

When will rent payments start?

Rent is payable monthly in advance and we will expect you to pay a months rent when you sign for your tenancy. Think about how you will be able to afford this.

Housing Benefit/ Universal Credit

If you are planning to claim Housing Benefit / Universal Credit to help with the cost of your rent, your award will not start until you move in. You will be responsible for paying any rent due for the gap between your date of entry and your award of benefit starting. Benefits may not cover days while you are decorating or furnishing your new home. Think about how you will afford to pay the rent.

Benefit on two homes

Benefit is normally only paid on the house you are living in but there are limited occasions when they will pay on both homes. Seek further advice from us.

Things I might need money for:

  • Furniture/white goods/floorcoverings/household items
  • Removal van
  • Decorating materials
  • Connection charges
  • Rent

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