Tenant Participation


What it is and what it means to me ?


Tenant Participation is about you, our tenants, taking part and getting involved in the decision making processes and influencing decisions and outcomes about housing policies, housing conditions, and housing services. It is important to us that you can express your views and have your voice heard regarding housing and the community you’re living in. Together we can change and improve tenants’ lives and strengthen communities.

It is a two-way process which involves the sharing of information, ideas, and control. The aim is to improve housing conditions and communities –

These include:

  • Better service delivery and improved outcomes for tenants which give value for money.
  • Working together for common goals with respect and understanding.
  • Informed and knowledgeable tenants who have the skills and confidence to influence decisions.
  • Increasing tenant satisfaction with their home and neighbourhood.
  • Identifying actions for service and performance improvements and working together to implement these recommended improvements together