Ways to get involved with  Angus Housing Association


Registered Tenants Organisation

Are you a group of tenants who would like or want to come together? If so, I am here to help you get started and provide you with any support or advice you need. We want to work together with you to improve housing and the community.

The Association works with one RTO – Ormiston, Inveresk, Salton Tenants and Residents Association.


We are always keen to hear from you and your opinions matter to us, they help us improve our service.  By giving us feedback on the service’s tenants use , this will allow us to improve services .

  • Did you receive a survey following a repair?
  • Did we ask you for feedback when you moved in?
  • Completing our surveys are a quick and straightforward way to get involved and let us know how we are doing, what you liked, ways and what we can improve.

Register of Interested Tenants

Are you working and struggling to commit time or just not sure how you want to get involved, why not consider joining our Register of Interested Tenants. This is an informal group of tenants who want to be involved and participate but maybe only on certain things like repairs or allocations.

By joining the Register you decide what topics you would like to be involved in and how much time you can give this is up to you.

The Association will send you information, opportunities and ways to get involved and you decide, you can get involved in everything or just pick and choose, it is up to you. If this is something you’re interested in or want to find out more please contact our Tenancy Engagement Officer, Lydia on 03451 772244 or email admin@aha.org.uk

Working Groups

Throughout the year there will be reoccurring things that we as a social landlord need to ensure, such as policies are up to date, Tenant Satisfaction Surveys are carried out, Tenant Engagement is done, Landlord Report is completed, reviewing our services and we need your help to do that.  We would value tenants input and your help to review and evaluate.

Writers Panels

The Association produces an lot of written information which can often include housing jargon, would you be interested in reviewing some of our letters and reports in order to help the Association produce more user friendly documents.

Community Events and Estate Walkabouts

Our tenants and communities are important to us and we try and ensure that Angus Housing Association are present in these.  We support our communities and are keen to do this at walkabout-in our areas, gala days, fun days. If this is something that you can help with or want to find out more about please contact the Association.