Ending Your Tenancy Information Guide

Your responsibilities at the end of your tenancy are set out in your Tenancy Agreement. If you do not follow these, you may have to pay any costs we incur to correct problems which you are responsible for.

If we have to carry out any repairs which are not general wear and tear,  the cost to you for rechargeable repairs etc. could soon add up. For example we will charge you for damage, clearing furniture/rubbish from the property and communal areas and also for any alterations done without our permission. It is therefore very important for you to leave your property in good condition.

How to Terminate your Tenancy 

You must give the Association 28 days notice that you intend to leave the property. You must complete a Termination of Tenancy Form – click here

Click here to complete the Tenancy Termination online version

or Contact our Customer Service Team on 03451 772244.

Pre Termination Visit 

When we receive your written termination we will write to you confirming the termination date for your tenancy to end, the rent due to be paid up to that date and provide information on what you should do before you move out.

We will also arrange to inspect your home before you move out to make sure it is suitable to be let out again to other tenants. This will involve a joint visit by the Housing Officer and Maintenance Officer. This inspection will let us:

  1. Agree the condition that you must leave your home in.
  2. Identify any repairs which you are responsible for.
  3. Discuss the rent you must pay up to the end of your tenancy or come to a repayment arrangement for any arrears. If you do not, this may affect any future application you make for housing.
  4. Identify if you have made improvements or alterations to the property. If we have approved these, you may be entitled to compensation.
  5. Ask you to complete an End of Tenancy Exit Survey Form which will inform us of your views on our service level standards and we will use the information provided to identify areas for future improvement.

Please note that you can arrange to have someone present with you at the pre-termination visit if this makes you feel more comfortable or should you need us to organise an interpreter. Please let the Housing Officer know this when making arrangements for the visit.

What condition must the property be in?

 Your tenancy agreement explains the condition you must keep your home in. Your responsibilities include the following:

  1. You must carry out any repairs you are responsible for, including those needed as a result of wilful damage, neglect or misuse.
  2. You must make sure you leave your home clean, tidy and decorated to a reasonable standard.
  3. You must remove all your belongings including furniture, carpets, laminate floor and underlay, personal belongings and any items you do not want, including rubbish.
  4. You must make sure you clear any loft, cellar, outbuilding or garden. You must not leave any items or rubbish in the garden or shared areas. We will not accept responsibility for any items left behind and will get rid of them and charge you for this.
  5. You must make sure your garden is tidy and in good order. Grass should not be overgrown. If we need to tidy the garden before we can let the property out again, we may charge you for the cost of the work.
  6. You must remove any fixtures and fittings you have installed (unless you had our written permission to install them) and put right any damage caused by you doing this.

Follow Up Visit

 If any repair/remedial work is identified at the pre termination inspection, our Maintenance Officer will carry out a follow up visit, no later than one week before your end of tenancy date. We will therefore give you the chance to carry out the work needed to your home to meet our standard. If you do not, or if the work you do does not meet our standard, we will carry out the necessary work and charge you for the costs involved. Under your Tenancy Agreement you will be responsible for paying this. Any debt you leave/owe us may affect any application you make for housing in the future.

Handing Back your Keys 

You must return your keys to us by 12 noon on your termination of tenancy date. If you do not, we will continue to charge you rent. We may also charge you for the cost of us replacing any locks.

You should make sure everyone who needs to know has your new address e.g. Benefit Agency, Housing Benefit/Council Tax, Bank, rental companies etc. We will not be responsible for any post arriving at your home after you move out. Therefore you should make sure you contact the Post Office to redirect your mail to your new home.

You should also tell you gas and electricity suppliers that you are leaving, arrange for final meter readings and final bills to be sent to you. If you are removing any appliances e.g. a gas cooker, it is essential that the supply is properly capped off by a registered tradesperson. You should make sure your phone is disconnected so that you know your contract has ended and you cannot be charged for any more calls.

Once your tenancy has ended

When you have returned your keys to us, we will arrange for a full inspection of the property to identify any repairs needed before we can let it to a new tenant. If we find any repairs that you are responsible for, or have to remove any of your belongings from the property or communal areas, we will charge you for this work.

Any debt you leave such as rent arrears or rechargeable repairs etc. may affect any application you make for housing in the future.  If you do not have a suitable payment arrangement in place to clear any arrears, your details may be passed to the Associations Debt Collection Agents to recover the debt.

It is also important to note that for those who abandon their property, this may also affect any application for housing.