Property Service Schedules

Property Service Schedules

Each year when the Association issue the yearly Invoices, we send every owner a copy of the Property Service Schedule for their area.

To cut down on costs of paper and to be more climate friendly we have decided that this year we would set up an area where you can download a copy of your property schedule at any time.

Below is a List of Property Service Schedules, if you have any issues finding the schedule for your address please contact our Customer Service Team on 03451 772244.

Please click on the link that your address/street is linked to.


Provost Millar Avenue, Provost Buchan Road (Cookston Brechin)

Ferguson Avenue, Park View, Pitforthie Place, Viewbank Place, Wards Road (Pitforthie Brechin)


Angus Drive, Bailie Norrie Crescent, Kennedy Avenue, Mearns Drive, Newmanswalls Avenue, Provost Mitchell Road (Borrowfield, Montrose)

Charleton Place (Condor/Charleton Montrose)

Craig Crescent (Ferryden Montrose)


Glenclova Terrace, Glenmoy Terrace, Strathmore Avenue, Windyedge Place (Gallowshade Forfar)

Restenneth Drive

2 Pitreuchie Place, 15-17 Pitreuchie Place, 40 Pitreuchie Place, 50 Pitreuchie Place

63,64,65 Pitreuchie Place

Pitreuchie Place

4 Market Street

19 John Street,  41 John Street, 51 John Street


Kinloch Street, Links Avenue, Ruxton Place, Taymouth Street


Tulloch Wynd


No, 4,6,8,10 Academy Street, 4,6,10 East Abbey Street,

1 West Abbey Street, 3,5,11 West Abbey Street, (Arbroath Inner A)

21 West Abbey Street

41 & 43 East Abbey Street

No 3 Abbot Street and No. 21 East Abbey Street (Arbroath Inner D)

19 Bakers Wynd

2 Bakers Wynd, 46 East Abbey Street

10 Barngreen (Abbey Site)

4 – 10 James Street, 20 James Street

93b Keptie Street, 95-97 Keptie Street

47 Lady Bridge Street

66,68,70,72 Leonard Street (Abbey Site)

4A Lochlands Street

Millgate Loan

35 Russell Square, 39 Russell Square, 43 Russell Square, 52 Russell Square,

60 Russell Square, 72 Russell Square,

7 Russell Square, 12 Russell Square, 15 Russell Square, 16 Russell Square,

19 Russell Square, 20 Russell Square, 23 Russell Square, 27 Russell Square,

31 Russell Square, 32 Russell Square, 51 Russell Square, 55 Russell Square,

68 Russell Square

63 Sidney Street,  87 Sidney Street

4,8,10,12,14 Stanley Street

Steading Place & The Steading (Hospitalfield)

Barnhill – Dundee

1-24 Fettercairn Drive, 14 Fettercairn Drive, 25-37 Fettercairn Drive

36-62 Fettercairn Drive, 39-43 Fettercairn Drive, 45,49 & 51 Fettercairn Drive

50-54 Fettercairn Drive, 64,72 & 74 Fettercairn Drive, 78 & 82 Fettercairn Drive

88 Fettercairn Drive,  84-90 Fettercairn Drive

1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,15,16,18,19,24,26,28,30,32 Fettercairn Drive

Stracathro Terrace